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Heal! Create! GLOW!
Looking Inward to Solve Outward Problems

Creative expression and art has power to heal and transform. It can bring joy and peace to our hearts, even in the darkest of times. Whether we are feeling abandoned or shackled in every possible way, creativity can be our light source and our healing energy. With the clarity, forgiveness, and willingness to change  behaviors and tapping into our subconcious, we can be rescued and find a path to more joy, peace, and fulfillment.


Our mission is to break the chains of inter-generational strongholds, addictions, negative behaviors, and associations that hold families and communities hostage to chaos, poverty, low productivity, unhappy relationships, fear, phobias and more through a culturally and creatively centered, trauma-informed, and inclusive environment that promotes courage, strength, and steadfastness through art and creative expression.


Our vision is to create stable and healthy family dynamics that shine bright in both the dark and the light to heal our communities from the inside out so our future is protected by love joy peace and fulfillment.

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