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Jan 7, 2024 - Jan 7, 2024

Online Create Your Avatar - Attracting the Person You Want to Become

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Creating an avatar will help to attract the person you want to become. Here are three main reasons for creating a fictional avatar aligned with your tailor made purpose + passion 1. (Performance and emotional depth) By creating an avatar and their words in great detail it creates empathy for potential setbacks, "failures" , fears, insecurities etc... This type of empathy then helps to create a personal brand that is attracting the right kind of opportunities, experiences, connections, successes. 2. (Retain complex experiences and memories) By reflecting at the journey of your personal avatar you will be able to examine how you feel about specific problems, and what triggers them to seek out a solution and what might stand in your way towards your healing journey of transformation. All of which is what makes up a great testimony/story- a character, striving to overcome obstacles in pursuit of a goal, and experiencing transformation as a result. 3. Capture the data) Conduct your own personal research by using existing data such as videos, pictures, journal writings, and asking questions through surveys and interviews. It helps minimize fears, insecurities, imposture syndrome and improves clarity to achieve the ultimate transformation.

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